Following are the main thematical/language areas within which we can work together in English:

  • General English: Together we'll revise the grammar in order to get a good idea of when it is appropriate to use each sentence form, phrase or expression, tying on with conversation in the various topics that interest you.
  • Academic English: We'll take a look around and absorb the environment of the school or educational institution that you are attending; we'll focus on your specialization and discuss in English the subjects that you are interested in and/or studying and we'll work on how to apply the knowledge in your own academic and personal development.
  • Technical English: Together we'll transfer the technical knowledge that you already possess into English (and maybe even add a bit more) - especially within fields like quality management, standardization, metrology and measurement, power industry and also research in science and technology.
  • Corporate English: Here, without frequently mentioning the term Business English (which often discourages us in that it seems unmanageable), we'll be able to cover a lot of in- and inter-company communication - enabling us to enhance some of our soft and hard skills.
  • Legal English: Now this really is a topic requiring lifelong devotion (to the subject and language) if we want to get at least a little bit closer to understanding what it's all about... therefore, the only thing that can be offered here is to get down together, go through the translations into - or original wordings already in - English in order to generate the right idea of what is actually in those documents.
  • English for those interested in passing internationally recognized exams (FCE, CAE, ...): Here we shall focus on mastering a clearly defined set of materials (e.g. a textbook) necessary for you to be able to pass the exam of your choice!
  • Interdisciplinary English: Communication often draws upon the knowledge from more areas at the same time... if necessary we can combine all that is mentioned above.