I offer…

  • Tuition and training... Together - and with more advanced students in English - we shall enhance your knowledge of English so you will not only be able to  communicate more effectively but also be able to acquire more knowledge in this language in general.
  • Materials... Based on the purpose and your needs, we'll create a set of supportive materials that will assist you in your language development, during seminars and/or presentations in English.
  • Consulting... During our language sessions (and also by phone) we should be able to solve any issues you may have concerning the English language as such.
  • Translation and interpretation... We'll make the time to sit down together and translate your text and/or proof-read any text already in English in order to make sure that the document really does contain the ideas you want to convey and in the way you would like to express them.
  • Facilitation... Allowing your discussions, seminars and (business) meetings to be facilitated - in English - will bring you closer to being able to master the skill yourselves and have the chance to do the same with your English-speaking partners.
  • Knowledge (data)base... During our sessions - and in the subject of your choice - we can begin compiling an information and knowledge (data)base for you(r company) in English... in the form of technical-term lists and dictionaries and various other documents that you might need for your work...